Champions for sobriety and healthy living

Our Mission Statement

To create innovative programs that provide access to educational, recreational and healthy living initiatives designed to positively aid in the development of the total person.

Our Vision

To create and foster programs that introduce healthy living initiatives to the family unit. Through our programs, the foundation will provide substance-abuse awareness, host basketball clinics, as well as create an academic excellence program to assist youth in pursuing their educational endeavors.

Our Goals


To create and foster support for programs that provide a holistic approach to repairing lives, building self-confidence and self-achievement


To create and support programs that empower youth to develop self discipline, self-esteem and self-confidence To invest in the lives of families by empowering youth to develop self discipline, self-esteem and self-confidence


To offer the recovery community social activities, recreation and fellowship without the need for alcohol and drugs


To restore lives and to give hope to individuals and families